My best friend recently had to go gluten free. And we all know how difficult it is to give up something so engrained in our diets! So we decided to do a 30 day challenge together- she had to go gluten free, and I had to do a hand lettering project everyday. Not sure how these two subjects go together?

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Project: Herotribe

Hero Tribe is an EP of 8 bit-inspired electronic music my friend Rob put out. It’s absolutely brilliant and I listen to it way too frequently! The music is colorful, makes me bounce around a lot, and is super awesome. Hence the insp for the cover art …

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psyched for spring badge

Project: Psyched for Spring

Around the start of spring I headed a Psyched for Spring campaign for Moja Gear. It was 4 weeks of giveaways and building psych for the coming climbing season. And, truth be told, I was super excited for winter to be over (as was the rest of Boston) …

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Client: Iron Lion Training

Ryan, founder of ILT, is a personal trainer that is always traveling. Wanting to share his skills with more people than just the ones in his current city, he wanted a website that can help him bring personal training online. I designed a bold, strong branding to compliment his personality as well …

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Client: Moja Gear

Moja Gear is a startup based in San Luis Obispo, CA. They’re a web-based company bringing kickass content and awesome gear to rock climbers. I became their full time graphic designer and developer September 2014. Since joining, I have developed the identity for the company, designed and …

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