Hi, Automattic

👋 I’m Jenn

I’m a senior product designer living in Los Angeles, CA. I currently work at AT&T, focusing on the experience of AT&T TV, a TV streaming service. I’ve had the awesome opportunity to work on a variety of different projects- from redesigning the video player, to creating and building our component library, to leading user research studies- I’ve worked with a multitude of different people across disciplines. I divide my work into two categories, Feature Work and Systems/Process work.

For all projects with a password, please use: ATVwork

Feature Work

I regularly work on feature projects that directly impact the user experience of AT&T TV. On these projects I work directly with developers, product owners, researchers, and other designers to improve and create new features. Some recent projects:

  1. I helped re-design the video player, arguably the most important feature of the experience. [password: ATVwork]
  2. Pause Live – this is an example of a project we had to deliver a large feature in a short amount of time, working across teams to meet a tight deadline. [password: ATVwork]

Current projects I’m working on at AT&T (and haven’t written a case study on yet):

  • Unsubscribed User– AT&T TV is selling their own device (like an Apple TV or Roku) where users will be able to access our streaming app and other apps. But it’s different from an Apple TV in that our experience is really built around the AT&T TV functionality. If a user is no longer subscribed to our service, what should this experience look like? We’ve broken this project down into a Crawl, Walk, Run as it needed a quick fix to meet a contractual agreement with Google. From learning about this project to adding the new experience into the app, it took 4 weeks including development time. We’re currently working on the Walk and Run parts of this project.
  • Direct Tune– This is a small project that should be completed within 2 weeks. Currently when users dial in a channel on the number pad it pulls up the mini guide instead of directly tuning the user to their desired channel. This is increasing perceived loading time and adding an extra click for the user to get where they want to. I am working with one other designer to define the rules and flow around this interaction as well as the final design.
  • Channel Change Study– Our team is super fortunate in that we have a k*cka$$ user research team. They have a huge repository of research and information we can learn from for each project we work on. But even with all of that, and the continuous new studies happening, sometimes there is still a gap in knowledge or new questions we want answered quickly. Our research team developed a DIY Research plan to allow any designer to conduct their own study. I just completed my research plan (officially approved by the research team 🤘) and I’m currently building out the study in UserTesting. I’ll be launching the test this week and am hoping to learn more around our users habits in changing the channel.

Systems and Processes Work:

  1. Created and imlemented a UX component library [password: ATVwork]
  2. Improved and re-defined our Design Documentation system and process [password: ATVwork]

Why I want to join the Automattic Team:

  1. The team seems amazing and I think I could learn a lot– I think one of the major benefits to supporting a remote team is that your hiring pool expands to the world, adding a lot of diversity and new perspectives to your team. I’ve lived on both coasts of the US, but I’m still tied to my current geographic bubble. I would love to be on a team of diverse people I know I could learn a lot from.
  2. I want to help make the web a better place– as I click through every link in the Automattic Creed, I feel a strong sense of connection to you as a company. As a designer, I want to work for a company that understands the importance of design and user experience. But more importantly, cultivating an inclusive culture that strives to keep growing a learning is something I’m always reaching towards.
  3. I love working from home– This one might seem like “duh, who doesn’t?” but I actually have a few friends and co-workers who don’t like it or don’t find it productive so I thought I’d mention it. I worked from home full time and part time for two previous companies and I really miss it. I feel more efficient working from my own space

You’re looking for a Senior Product Designer

–and I’d love the chance to join your team. The facts about me are:

  • I love what I do and am passionate about my work- design is about practicing empathy and making products more accessible and inclusive- I work hard to do my best work everyday
  • I’m a fast learner and I never stop learning. I’m always looking for new experiences that will help me grow as a designer
  • I’m all about transparent, open, honest communication. For any relationship to be successful, it’s important to have open communication. Not just with co-workers, but also with yourself. I’m constantly asking myself, what key points did I miss? How can I better communicate and listen?
If after skimming through this you’re considering giving me a chance, please go for it! I promise I won’t disappoint. 

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