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👋 I’m Jenn

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I’m a senior product designer living in Los Angeles, CA. I currently work at AT&T, focusing on the experience of AT&T TV, a TV streaming service. I’ve had the awesome opportunity to work on a variety of different projects- from redesigning the video player, to creating and building our component library, to leading user research studies- I’ve worked with a multitude of different people across many disciplines.

Highlighted Projects

For all projects with a password, please use: ATVwork

I regularly work on feature projects that directly impact the user experience of AT&T TV. On these projects I work directly with developers, product owners, researchers, and other designers to improve and create new features. Some recent projects:

  • Video Player Redesign [password: ATVwork] – I redesigned the video player on mobile, web, and TV devices for AT&T TV.
  • Pause Live [password: ATVwork] – for this project I had to deliver a large feature in a short amount of time, working across teams to meet a tight deadline.
  • UX component library [password: ATVwork] – led the creation of a pattern library for the design team.
  • Design Documentation [password: ATVwork] – helped migrate the entire documentation from a static PDF to an online resource for the entire company to reference.
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You’re looking for a Senior Product Designer

–and I’d love the chance to join your team. The facts about me are:

  • I love what I do and am passionate about my work- design is about practicing empathy and making products more accessible and inclusive- I work hard to do my best work everyday
  • I’m a fast learner and I never stop learning. I’m always looking for new experiences that will help me grow as a designer
  • I’m all about transparent, open, honest communication. For any relationship to be successful, it’s important to have open communication. Not just with co-workers, but also with yourself. I’m constantly asking myself, what key points did I miss? How can I better communicate and listen?
If after skimming through this you’re considering giving me a chance, please go for it! I promise I won’t disappoint. 

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