Project: 30 Days of Hand Lettering

My best friend recently had to go gluten free. And we all know how difficult it is to give up something so engrained in our diets! So we decided to do a 30 day challenge together- she had to go gluten free, and I had to do a hand lettering project everyday. Not sure how these two subjects go together? Me neither! But we did it together anyway (which always makes projects easier and more fun 🙂 ).

Intimidated to just jump into hand lettering, I was inspired by Jessica Hische, and decided to do letters A-Z for the first 26 days. Originally, I planned on having something to inspire each letter. Eg, A was Anime (cherry blossom design), B was Bilbo, etc. However, at a certain point I just wanted to explore different typefaces. So this rule was modified so each letter had to be inspired by a different style.

After completing the alphabet, I still had 4 days left. So on day 27, I drew 1 word. On day 28, 2 words, etc. My process was the same as for the letters- draw a mini sketch in the corner of the paper as guidance. Then, I drew out the word in pencil, finishing the drawing in black pen. (Hence, you can’t see all my mess up pencil lines since I drew over them!). For day 29 (3 words) I wanted to see what I could do with just putting pen to paper. So no pencil sketch (other than a fast composition outline on a napkin), no outline, and they all had to be completed within 15 minutes. Results of day 29 below!

I really enjoyed working on this project! It gave me a very needed break from staring at my laptop everyday. Plus, this skill has really helped me with some design ideas for Moja Gear since. Most importantly- my friend was super successful in going gluten free!