Remembering Users Through the Power of Personas

TLDR: Create user personas for one of HireAHelper’s two user groups


HireAHelper is an online marketplace connecting people who are moving to moving labor. This means there are two main user groups- people who are moving (customers) and people who provide moving labor (Helpers). As one of the product leads for the Helper product, I was tasked with updating a redefining our user personas.

Gathering the Data

To create the personas, I gathered the data by sending out surveys and conducting interviews. Each month we have Helpers come into the office for interviews. With each interview I always include a few background questions to get to know the user better as an individual. That way even interviews about a specific pain point can help improve our personas.

Creating the Personas

I created three user personas using Xtensio. As a designer, its important to me that a persona isn’t just a summation of demographic information. I want it to feel like a snapshot of a real person. This helps engender empathy and can help guide projects.

All information on the personas came from interviews and survey results. The three personas align with the company’s customer segments, outlined on our Business Model Canvas.

Tools Used: Survey Monkey, Typeform, In-person interviews, Xtensio, Google Apps